Incidental moods


I’ve always liked film and TV scores. As a kid I’d set up a cassette recorder next to the TV to record music from cop shows, and I still love discovering gems like the original no-noise Starsky & Hutch theme. Soundtracks and library music later became a big part of sets we played at nights like Back on The Streets and the Jazz Rooms, while some of the more down-tempo tracks made it into mixes I’ve posted before (here and here). But there’s loads of amazing incidental music on many of these LPs that never gets played out, and of course plenty of film scores and library music are purely orchestral.

The mix below is from some of my favorite records of this type. It starts with the sublime opening track from the famous Mindbender LP, followed by the theme that accompanies the gallery scene with Kim Novak in Vertigo. Next is incidental music from Hawaii 5-0, interspersed with an excerpt from The Penthouse, then a piece from Paul Thomas Anderson’s amazing interpretation of Pynchon’s Inherent Vice. For anyone who wondered where Portishead got that loop from, there’s the original from a Mission Impossible follow-up LP.

Guincho is a track from a weird surf movie that Neil once sampled. It’s followed by a Johnny Harris cover and a couple more library tunes. Tropicola is another take/mix of Nino Nardini’s Tropical Call, which features in an earlier mix (worth checking out if you want more in this vein but with a few more beats). The mix ends with a piano-heavy piece from The Thomas Crown Affair and David Shire 45s from two of my favorite films – it only took me 25 years to find The Conversation 7 inch…

  1. Dawn Mists – Stringtronics
  2. Carlotta’s Portrait – Bernard Herrmann
  3. Beach Trips – Mort Stevens & His Orchestra
  4. I Deeply Regret – Johnny Hawksworth
  5. Up Tight– Mort Stevens & His Orchestra
  6. The Golden Fang – Jonny Greenwood
  7. The Danube Incident – Lalo Schifrin
  8. Guincho – Stu Phillips
  9. Fragment of Fear – Sight and Sound
  10. Alternatives – Alan Hawkshaw
  11. Tropicola – Stringtronics
  12. Theme from the Conversation – David Shire
  13. The Crowning Touch – Michael Legrand
  14. Theme from All The President’s Men – David Shire


~ by ricardosevere on 01/03/2020.

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