Here come those beats


It’s been a while since I posted a hip hop mix, so here’s a new one with a few tracks I’ve wanted to put together for a while. No particular theme this time, but as usual it’s mostly funky, old school tracks from the 80’s with a couple of 90’s tunes thrown in – and plenty of well-known samples.

The mix kicks off with EPMD looping Aretha, taking the main riff rather than the big break this time. Then Stetsasonic rework Across The Tracks (best dance record ever), and De La Soul take the bass line from Could You Be Loved that Mr George once told me it’d be sacrilege for us to sample. Along the way Lifer’s from Cal supply a track that includes possibly the best 20 seconds of hip hop you’ll hear. The De La Soul track uses a very dodgy Bob James loop, but 3:6 Philly instead pick the sublime Nautilus for their piece. The sound of UFOs sampled by the FBI is a bridge to the rap version of Genius of Love. Then there’s a bit of the only track from that first Beastie’s LP that ever really cut it  – I remember Wyn making that point at the time as their appeal faded rapidly (though have to say I’ve have warmed to them recently after reading the brilliant Beastie Boys Book – and of course 33% God is pure genius).

Next is some go-go, another track I’ve wanted to put in a mix for ages and one for all those who wondered where Public Enemy got the other break for Rebel Without A Pause. Then Jam Master Jay cuts up another Bob James track, Take Me to The Mardigras (aka “the bells”). Jekyll and Hyde return with Pumpkin, there’s another appearance for Coldcut’s first and greatest – still the best hip hop record to come out of the UK – and the mix comes full circle with first ever recorded rap record.

  1. I’m Housin’ (UK mix) – EPMD
  2. The Real Deal – Lifer’s Group
  3. DBC Let The Music Play – Stetsasonic
  4. Keepin’ The Faith (12″ UK mix) – De La Soul
  5. Straighten It Out – Pete Rock & CL Smooth
  6. The World Still Turns – 3:6 Philly
  7. Do The Right Thing – Redhead Kingpin & The FBI
  8. Genius Rap – Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
  9. Hold It Now, Hit It (Instrumental) – The Beastie Boys
  10. I Like It – Trouble Funk
  11. Peter Piper (Instrumental) – Run DMC
  12. Here Comes That Beat – Pumpkin & The Profile All-Stars
  13. Say Kids What Time Is It? – Coldcut
  14. King Tim III (Personality Jock) – The Fatback Band


~ by ricardosevere on 04/14/2019.

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