Sampling bias



Samples feature in most records I like that were made after the mid-80s – Brian Eno probably had it right when he said the arrival of tools like the sampler meant judgment replaced skill in music. But some tracks remain so close to the things they sample they almost feel like remixes, and trainspotters record collectors can be a bit snobbish about these, always claiming ‘the original’ is better (I’m very guilty of this, once doing a whole tape for Ian (H) to make the point). Often it’s just not true though; some of the tracks are great. As DJ Paul Darkin once said, “I don’t care, I prefer S’Express [to Rose Royce’s Is It Love You’re After – heard here]”.

The mix below is based around a bunch of records like this. It starts with a record I got from Dan (W): The Bucketheads, a Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez alias that samples Atmosfear’s Anticipation (another version of this can be heard here). Next Joey Negro beefs up Dexter Wanzel’s Devonshire Arms floor filler Life On Mars (heard and sampled here). Back to home base, the Idjut Boys’ Dan Tyler loops the Wiz, before van Morrison gets the remix treatment (little more than some extra congas and a kick drum), which sounded great at Le Colonial in San Francisco that time with Tony.

I’ve no idea what sample Bobby Hughes used for Sambortica (which first showed up on a McDisco tape) but would love to know. In the next track, Ashley Beedle sticks a trumpet on Cameo’s The Sound Table (the original’s in this mix). After a couple of fillers that include a brilliant Joey Negro track, Jestofunk loops what I think is Billy Preston tune alongside Colonel Abrams – another one played incessantly by Paul in Pantonville. Then there’s the other side of The Bucketheads, which was the one most people (including Dan) bought it for.

The mix ends with a white label Tim gave me. It makes the best of Voyage’s Scotch Machine. Thankfully removing the bagpipes, it’s the perfect example of a track that’s way better than the original it samples.

  1. I Wanna Know – The Bucketheads
  2. Get Down Tonight – The Men From Mars
  3. No Sleep ‘Til Green Street – Rev. Nathan D-Troit
  4. Workin’- Street Choir
  5. Sambortica – The Bobby Hughes Experience
  6. Ricano Sunspots – Ashley Beedle & Phil Asher
  7. Fly By Night – Joey Negro
  8. Wishing You Were Here (Joey Negro mix) – Blaze
  9. Say It Again – Jestofunk
  10. These Sounds Fall Into My Mind – The Bucketheads
  11. Unknown w/l – Waxploitation


~ by ricardosevere on 08/18/2018.

One Response to “Sampling bias”

  1. […] Snowboy draws a direct line from jazz-funk to acid jazz, and I guess some of the rediscovered ‘rare groove‘ tracks I first heard were jazz-funk. But it was hearing Lonnie Liston Smith’s Expansions on a Jamie Byng Chocolate City tape (thanks Stocks!) that really introduced me to the sound (as well as revealing where that Stetsasonic 12″ Justin and I played over and over got the hook from). We saw Lonnie live once (Town and Country Club I think – who else was there?). Then came Mizell-Brothers-produced Donald Byrd LPs, Roy Ayers gigs (once sat next to him in a pizza place), Columbia-period Herbie Hancock, etc. Paul introduced me to Atmosfear’s Dancing in Outerspace (source of a Stereo MCs sample), which is the jumping-off point for the mix below. I’ve put versions of it in several mixes before (MAW’s beefed-up mix, their amazing dub, and Francois K’s more subtle treatment) but this is the original I had long before getting those, as is Motivation (the Dimitri From Paris remix is here, and it was also looped by the Bucketheads). […]

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