Mega Disco


Sadly Nicky Siano didn’t throw a party at the Coney Island bumper car rink this year, so no disco extravaganza to bring in the New Year. But the last one is still fresh in my mind, and missing out inspired me to put together another disco mix, incorporating some of the tunes he played then and back in the day. Nicky’s a great DJ – for anyone not familiar with his history as resident DJ at The Gallery (he started it in ’73) and Studio 54 (fired for excessive drug use), I recommend checking out Tim Lawrence’s Love Saves The Day – apparently there’s also a documentary.

The new mix is in the same vein as my earlier disco/hi-NRG mixes (here and here). It starts with a slow burner from France, then switches to the megatronics of Patrick Cowley (the tribute Tom dropped on July 4th). Between the sides is Harry Thuman’s monster Underwater. I remember buying this from Max Rees at Hot Numbers – if you’ve never heard it on full volume while fat Max, eyes closed, foot up on the store counter, plays air guitar, you’re missing out. Do You Wanna Funk appears in the megamix but I couldn’t resist adding the full version after. Most of us first came across it in that scene from Trading Places, but it always reminds me of Kamal (bottom left here): we played it over and over on his beatbox hanging out on the beach that time in Spetses years ago.

R-521013-1281995891.jpegThe Machine and Inner Life tracks are classics that made the crowd go wild at Coney Island: There But For The Grace of God probably has my favorite lyrics of any disco record. The Nuyorican rework of Roy Ayers is a bit anachronistic but packs more punch than the original. I’ll forever associate it with driving through San Francisco in a convertible Ford Thunderbird with Tony screaming “Sweet tears just keep falling from your ass!”. Next is an Al Hudson production sampled by various people (including Joey Negro as Doug Willis here). The mix ends with bunch of Prelude tracks that were on permanent rotation in Pantonville. I think In The Bush wins the prize for Saul’s favorite disco lyrics.

  1. Carry On, Turn Me On  – Space
  2. Homenaje a Patrick Cowley (Part 1) – Patrick Cowley
  3. Underwater – Harry Thuman
  4. Homenaje a Patrick Cowley (Part 2) – Patrick Cowley
  5. Do You Wanna Funk – Sylvester & Patrick Cowley
  6. There But For The Grace of God Go I – Machine
  7. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Inner Life
  8. Sweet Tears – Roy Ayers & Nu Yorican Soul
  9. Music – One Way
  10. Work That Body – Taana Gardner
  11. Feed The Flame – Lorraine Johnson
  12. In The Bush – Musique


~ by ricardosevere on 01/08/2018.

One Response to “Mega Disco”

  1. Nice one Rich – I love Carry On, Turn Me On. Reminds me of a particularly fucked up NYE. And reminds me of seeing Nicky Siano play in the Electrowerkz in Islington years ago. He was an absolute don.

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