Rare House Waves

R-421447-1274369611.jpegI wrote about house music a while back, but a recent night out with citizen Kang got us reminiscing about old times and prompted a mix of some of the house/techno we used to hear. As I’ve said before, I was never a big house fan, but when the rare groove scene died, it became almost inescapable at clubs, parties and, of course, raves. Unless you sought out a dedicated night like the Mo’ Wax sessions or headed down to somewhere like Dingwalls, chances are it’d be house everyone was dancing to. A trip to Ibiza (Al fell into a sewer); pulling moves on the floor at Riots with Kempski (sadly no longer with us); shaven-headed, wearing monks’ robes to a party for assassins (Eric wore a dog collar); traffic jams at 4 am on the M25 trying to find Energy (oh dear, the dancing…); hanging out at Ennerdale Road for days (Soph lipsynching to Alison Limerick); Tom playing ‘green’ house on his keyboard; or scanning the FM dial for pirate stations on a Friday night: for a couple of years all of this seemed to be accompanied by the same chords, jacking tracks and 303 squelches.

The mix below recalls the sound of those times. It starts with clubbier tracks and piano house, then a bit of “euphoric house” for Sean (pretty sure only he uses that term…). Next there are a few moodier tracks, including Chubb Rock’s hip house soundtrack to an early anti-Ecstasy campaign (“But he’s our friend..”). Corporation of One and Swan Lake opened my ears to fact that you could sample things other than old funk records (Queen and The Thompson Twins were their sources), while Together had a hit sampling Obi Wan Kenobi. Todd Terry makes the hip hop connection as Royal House, bringing some classic samples, including Jimmy Castor and Atmosfear, then reappears as Swan Lake. Next, Humanoid provides a bridge to more techno. Eon uses the darker sci-fi voices of the Guildsmen and Baron Harkonnen rather than old Ben, before the Scientist steals the intro from the satanic J.B.’s incarnation (heard here) to end the mix.

  1. You’re Gonna Miss Me – Turntable Orchestra
  2. Rich In Paradise – FPI Project
  3. Everybody All Over the World – FPI Project
  4. Move Your Body (Elevation) – Xpansions
  5. Too Blind To See It (Hurley’s House Dub) – Kym Sims
  6. Alright (Club Mix) – Urban Soul
  7. Ya Bad Chubbs (Crib Mix) – Chubb Rock
  8. The Real Life – Corporation Of One
  9. Neuromatrix – Neutron 9000
  10. Hardcore Uproar – Together
  11. Hardcore Uproar (Dub mix) – Together
  12. Yeah Buddy – Royal House
  13. House Nation – House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy of House
  14. In The Name of Love – Swan Lake
  15. Humanoid – Stakker
  16. Spice – Eon
  17. The Exorcist – The Scientist



~ by ricardosevere on 03/18/2017.

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  1. […] the rare groove scene tailed off and house music began to dominate in late 80’s London, one response was acid jazz; another was a new blend of […]

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