The Ultimate Breaks & Beats kid (Part 2)


It’s the 30th anniversary of Ultimate Breaks & Beats (UBB). Since my last UBB tribute mix barely scratched the surface of the series, here’s a follow up, again featuring tracks that appeared on UBB and related records. As before, most are from the original records (not UBB) because they’re better pressings, but occasionally I used the UBB LP because it has a nice edit. For many tracks, I mixed two copies so I could use breaks as bridges between tracks and skip bits I don’t like. As a result, some tracks’ll seem rearranged if you know them well.

The mix starts with a theme used by the DJs throughout the movie Wild Style – not a true OG break but one put together in a studio by Chris Stein of Blondie. Next is a 12″ from Tanya Winley. Her father, Paul Winley, started the break compilations in 1979 with Super Disco Brakes. He also capitalized on the new rap phenomenon by recording his daughters, and Tanya’s rap later showed up on one of his comps. Getting It On underpinned Public Enemy’s You’re Gonna Get Yours (heard here) and Coffey later reprised it on a 45 (heard here). S.W.A.T is a classic that appeared on UBB510, and the intro was sampled by LL Cool J on I’m Bad (heard here). House of Rising Funk (UBB520) was put together by a group of studio musicians led by Charles Kynard and attributed to Afrique on the LP but The Chubakos on the 45. It’s still one of my favorite funk records, bought after tracking down that wah-wah loop from Coldcut’s Beats & Pieces (in one of these instrumental mixes), which I first heard in Wij’s car when I was about 16.

ultimate-breaks-and-beats-516A looped drum break hidden at the end of UBB517 provides a link to a Brazilian version of a James Brown classic and makes it pack more punch. The Joe Quarterman and All The people tracks appeared on UBB520 and UBB521, respectively. Funky Music Is The Thing was on UBB504, though only Part 2 was included. Jam On The Groove was on UBB514 and goes well under a James Brown track voted best dance record of all time by Soulsides – here I used two copies of the 12″ version that backed Coldcut’s Payback Mix (briefly featured in the first UBB mix) rather than UBB507. P.E.’s Bring The Noise features samples from Marva Whitney’s It’s Your Thing (UBB518), which follows it and is later sampled by DJ Format. I was lucky enough to see Marva perform here in Brooklyn before she died. At that gig she performed Think, recorded by another one of JB’s female preachers, Lyn Collins (UBB516), and sampled by the next three tracks. Sugar Bear also samples Once In A Lifetime (heard in on of these mixes). I picked up Put The Needle To The Record in DC in 1987 – probably after hearing Pump Up The Volume (featured here. It’s almost a house record and cuts up the Magic Disco Machine classic from UBB506 (heard in the earlier Mud mix) together with Prince’s Kiss, which you couldn’t escape that year. La Pregunta is a weird disco 12″ that Noddy and I initially thought was the big let down from UBB510, only later realizing that the point was just to play the break. The mix ends with Corazon, one of many great Creative Source records, which appeared on UBB522.

  1. Down By Law – Chris Stein and Fab 5 Freddy
  2. Vicious Rap – Tanya ‘Sweet T’ Winley & The Harlem Underground Band
  3. Getting It On – Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band
  4. Theme From S.W.A.T. – Rhythm Heritage
  5. House Of Rising Funk – Afrique
  6. LL Bonus Beats
  7. Hot Pants Road – Boogaloo Combo
  8. I’m Gonna Get You – Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul
  9. Cramp Your Style – All The People
  10. Funky Music Is The Thing (Part 1) – Dynamic Corvettes
  11. Funky Music Is The Thing (Part 2) – Dynamic Corvettes
  12. Jam On The Groove – Ralph Macdonald
  13. Give It Up Or Turn It Loose – James Brown
  14. Bring The Noise (Instrumental) – Public Enemy
  15. Bring The Noise – Public Enemy
  16. It’s Your Thing – Marva Whitney
  17. Stealin’ James – DJ Format
  18. Razor Blade – Little Royal
  19. Don’t Scandalize Mine – Sugar Bear
  20. Go On Girl – Roxanne Shante
  21. It Takes Two – Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock
  22. Put The Needle To The Record – Criminal Element Orchestra
  23. Shangri La – La Pregunta
  24. Corazon – Creative Source


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  1. […] a beat that could be heard on everything from adverts to novelty ambient records. A classic UBB breaks sets off Set Me Free, the perfect downtempo club track. Boundaries, built on the Average […]

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