New Jazz Rooms mix



A twitter post from Russ Dewbury about the new incarnation of his classic Jazz Rooms night, now called Soulful Strut, prompted me to post another Jazz Rooms mix. McDisco, Saul and I were recently reminiscing about the days when the  line to get into that club stretched all the way down Ship Street. So since I haven’t done one of these for a while, I thought I’d post a new one as a reminder of sweaty underground nights that led some to wring out their t-shirts, others to strip off and dive into the sea at 3 am, and bucket boy to collapse in the street and refuse to move.

As always the mix is a blend of funk/jazz, latin and Brazilian music, with the odd soundtrack and library tune thrown in as well. It starts with a couple of vibe favorites of mine, before an unusual latin-tinged thing from Johnny Hammond and a nice little private press cover of O Morro Nao Tem Vez, ode to Rio’s favelas. Then there’s a track from an introduction to Brazilian music released in 1968 and a devilish mambo. Next is one specially for Wyn: a cover of the J.B.’s Hot Pants Road that might prompt him to get out those steel drums.

Up On The Hill is a track I first heard in an early Cut Chemist mixtape. Despite being a big fan of the original Planet of The Apes movie, I don’t really remember the TV series, but this Lalo Schiffrin 45 was apparently the soundtrack. It’s is followed by another great arranger, John Schroeder, who improves on a Quincy Jones soundtrack heard in an earlier Jazz Rooms mix. Ike Turner’s driving drum break I first heard sampled on Kid Koala’s debut 10″.

There’s a bit of a change of direction with crazy Brazilian psych outfit Sarro. Meanwhile, Ed Lincoln’s keyboard mashing was a big Heavy Usker favorite if I remember rightly. It wouldn’t be a Jazz Rooms mix without some KPM: here it’s Syd Dale who provides it. Groove Holmes contributes a big band version of Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger’s Isola Natale. Next is an untitled enigma that’s reminiscent of Isola Natale; it showed up an old Pure compilation and I’ve never been able to track down its origins (anyone who did, please let me know!). France’s answer to Alan Hawkshaw then gives us a nice B3 track, before the mix ends with a crazy psych version of Hawkshaw and Parker’s KPM classic Move Move Move that Alan Parker released as Ugly Custard.

  1. Soulful Rebel – Johnny Lytle
  2. Yaina – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers
  3. Black Feeling – Johnny ‘Hammond’ Smith
  4. Favela (Somewhere In The Hills) – Papaya
  5. Candomble – Mario Castro Neves & Samba S.A.
  6. Mambo Diablo – Machito, Loco and Puente
  7. Hot Pants Road – East Side Symphony
  8. Up On The Hill – Monk Higgins & The Special Ties
  9. Ape Shuffle – Lalo Schiffrin
  10. Money Runner – John Schroeder
  11. Funky Mule – Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm
  12. Sarro – Wilson Das Neves
  13. Cochise – Ed Lincoln
  14. Three Bears – Syd Dale
  15. Isole Natale – Richard Groove Home’s
  16. Untitled – The Quartet
  17. Peggy Britt’s Party – Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestre
  18. Custard’s Last Stand – Ugly Custard



~ by ricardosevere on 09/11/2016.

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