Excursions 1 – Mojave Beats


I was never a big fan of so-called trip hop, and a lot of artists put in that category probably resent the term anyway (just like Acid Jazz). Nevertheless, a lot of great down-tempo instrumental tracks came out in the 90’s. The west coast’s DJ Shadow is probably the best known creator of these. His debut LP Endtroducing was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, and it provided the perfect soundtrack to Dark Days, the film that followed the lives of Mole People living in the tunnels underneath New York. Meanwhile, James Lavelle’s Mo’ Wax label was the label that did most to push this sound in the UK. Great stuff came out of Japan, France and Germany too, and of course plenty of dub remixes hide out on the B-sides of regular hip hop 12″s.

The mixes below try to capture some of that sound, without descending into trip hop. First up is a new mix: Mojave Beats. It starts with a track from DJ Day’s new LP. Then there’s the dub mix of Ingrid De Lambre’s Poesies, tracks from Germany’s Simon and Garfunkel lookalikes, Kruder & Dorfmeister, an unreleased DJ Shadow transmission from the MPC era, and Oakland’s Souls Of Mischief still sounding fresh twenty years later. Cut Chemist features on a Jurassic 5 instrumental and then in what I think was his first ever release, as producer for Unity Committee. There’s also a Crazy P rework of Marvin Gaye’s T Plays It Cool, along with one of my favorite Tim Lee tracks, and the mix ends with the intro to an old Coldcut remix played at the wrong speed.

  1. VQ – Day
  2. Le Dub Du Spleen – Ingrid De Lambre
  3. Fuckwit – Delta House Of Funk
  4. Original Bedroom Rockers – Kruder & Dorfmeister
  5. Mama Soul – Day
  6. Ego Trippin’ (Part Three) – De La Soul
  7. A Not-So-Quiet Storm – DJ Shadow
  8. 93 to Infinity – Souls of Mischief
  9. React – Jurassic 5
  10. 3 Play it Cool – Crazy Penis
  11. High Noon – Kruder & Dorfmeister
  12. Java Jam – Love Lee
  13. Unified Rebelution – Unity Committee & Rebels Of Rhythm
  14. Boot The System – Coldcut


imagesThe second mix is another one from the vaults, made years ago on cassette. It kicks off with Thievery Corporation, the pair behind DC’s Eighteenth Street Lounge (a must on any trip to Washington) and the label of the same name. They also provide the remix to DJ Cam’s Success. There’s also a bunch of Japanese stuff from the magnificent Major Force box set, tracks from one of LTJ Bukem’s Earth collections, and Cut Chemist’s brilliant remix of DJ Shadow (a collaboration I saw them later recreate live). After Busta Rhymes’ tribute to Knightrider, Jazzy Jeff cuts up T Plays It Cool, Donald Byrd, Bob James, Grover Washington, Jr and Bobbi Humphrey. Next a Takagi Kan remix provides the best rework of Light My Fire I’ve heard, and Soon E MC samples Diana Ross’s Brown Baby. The mix ends with Ultimate Dilemma’s Ill Dependents, who basically just add a drum track to Geoff Love’s 3 Days of The Condor (heard in this mix).

  1. Coming From The Top – Thievery Corporation
  2. Love & Peace – Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops
  3. Success – DJ Cam
  4. Going Under – Rockers Hi-Fi
  5. Sofa Rockers – Sofa Surfers
  6. Stargazing – Tayla
  7. Con Quest – Words 2B Heard meets Ad-Ill
  8. Kiss Radio Promo – Tycoon Tosh & Terminator Troops
  9. That’s The Jail – Boy Ken
  10. The Number Song – DJ Shadow (Cut Chemist Remix)
  11. Shaolin Satellite -Thievery Corporation
  12. Angels Never Fall In Love – Common Ground
  13. Turn It Up (instrumental) – Busta Rhymes
  14. A Touch of Jazz – DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
  15. Koi No Formula – Takagi Kan
  16. Elucider Ce Mystere – Soon E MC
  17. The Shake Up – The Ill Dependents


~ by ricardosevere on 12/22/2013.

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  1. […] you might recognize from the instrumental version that Mo’ Wax later re-released (heard in this mix). Then there’s a Lower Eastside-inspired jam from Ashley Beedle et al. that reminds me of […]

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