New Jazz Rooms mix


Planning a trip to Brighton (UK) next year, I thought I’d post a new successor to the Jazz Rooms mixes, again with the accent on percussion as KPM’s Syd Dale might say. Many of the tracks on this one are things I’ve picked up since I played there, but Russ Dewbury used to play the Malcolm’s Locks cover and he comped The Pipe so I’m guessing that was in his bag a few times at Ship Street.

The mix kicks off with more from the psychedelic jazz/rock outfit Blues Magoos, who also did the great Slow Down Sunset heard earlier). Next we get killer vibes from the late Johnny Lytle, some great funk/jazz from The Soulful Strings that I picked up from my local Grouch Records along with a Blue Note classic from Reuben Wilson (who I was lucky enough to see recently with Mr Love Lee at Smoke). Next is an under-rated vocal gem from Groove Holmes (no singer credited – I wonder who it was). Then the mix gets funkier with some funk/rock and a 45 courtesy of Jay Strongman. There’s the soundtrack madness of vocals played through a wah wah pedal from the great Dennis Coffey and a super-rare European 45 B-side from a band that may or may not actually be Lalo Schifrin. A couple of US and French library monsters follow – I have the guys at San Francisco’s Groove Merchant to thank for Harvey Wallbanger. The mix finishes with three great cover versions and some Brazilian funk to wind things up. Emilio Santiago you may know from Bananeira, which Saul (who incidentally himself has a new Hard On The Horns mix over at Musical Meanders) and I played over and over at Back On The Streets in the 90s; Nega Dina is from the same LP.

  1. Never Go Back To Georgia – Blues Magoos
  2. Done It Again – Johnny Lytle
  3. There Was A Time – The Soulful Strings
  4. Bambu – Reuben Wilson
  5. No Trouble on The Mountain – Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes
  6. Life Is Funky – The Round Robin Monopoly
  7. Nefertiti – Wisdom
  8. Theme From Blackbelt Jones – Dennis Coffey
  9. Dirty Harry – Lalo
  10. Harvey Wallbanger – Edward Simon
  11. Afro Beat 12/8 – Manu Dibango
  12. Wade In The Water – The Pipe
  13. Fever – Marie ‘Queenie’ Lyons
  14. Get Up Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Life – Malcolm’s Locks
  15. Ponta De Lanca Africano – Jorge Ben
  16. Nega Do Obaluae – Benito Di Paula
  17. Nega Dina – Emilio Santiago


~ by ricardosevere on 10/20/2013.

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