Dancing In Monte Carlo



Dancing in Outerspace is one of the best dance records ever made (definitely the pick of the oft maligned jazz/funk genre). Released in 1979, it was remixed a few times in the mid-90’s. The beefy Master’s At Work version kicks of this mix, and Francois Kevorkian’s remix from one of Disorient’s Altered Slates appears later on (I put the MAW Lunar Beats dub in another mix a while back). Around the same time these remixes came out, Joey Negro was coming up his own take on that era with The Sunburst Band, revisiting Manu Dibango’s classic Big Blow and producing a record that seemed to be in every DJ’s bag in 1998, Mont Carlo. Flat Beat, which you might remember from the commercial for the Levi’s Sta-Press reissues, follows these, and the mix ends with deeper house from the likes of Toko and Guidance Recordings.

  1. Dancing In Outerspace (MAW Remix) – Atmosfear
  2. Big Blow – The Sunburst Band
  3. I’ll Be There For You – The Sunburst Band
  4. Monte Carlo – The Sunburst Band
  5. Flat Beat – Mr Oizo
  6. Dancing In Outerspace (Francois K mix) – Atmosfear
  7. Get Up – Deep Sensation
  8. Secret Garden – Kardek
  9. Love Line – M.S.D.
  10. Faro Nights – Attaboy


~ by ricardosevere on 10/14/2012.

3 Responses to “Dancing In Monte Carlo”

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  2. […] the hip hop connection as Royal House, bringing some classic samples, including Jimmy Castor and Atmosfear, then reappears as Swan Lake. Next, Humanoid provides a bridge to more techno. Eon uses the darker […]

  3. […] point for the mix below. I’ve put versions of it in several mixes before (MAW’s beefed-up mix, their amazing dub, and Francois K’s more subtle treatment) but this is the original I had […]

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