Funk Began In Africa

  1. It Began In Africa (Intro) – Urban All-stars
  2. Shaft In Africa – Johnny Pate
  3. Moment of Truth – Earth, Wind and Fire
  4. The Chase – Merl Saunders
  5. Stepping Stones – Johnny Harris
  6. Dance To The Drummer’s Beat – Herman Kelly and Life
  7. The Champ – The Mohawks
  8. EVA – Jean-Jacques Perrey
  9. Blow Your Whistle – Soul Searchers
  10. Pick Up The Pieces – Plimsoll Sandwich
  11. There’s Only So Much Oil In the Ground – Tower of Power
  12. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf – Jimmy Smith
  13. Superstition – Sergio Mendes and Brasil 77
  14. Hammer – Tuane
  15. You Can’t Even Walk In the Park – Johnny Pate
  16. 33% God – The Beastie Boys
  17. Lesson 3 – Double D and Steinski
  18. I Believe in Miracles – Jackson Sisters
  19. It Began In Africa (Outro) – Urban All-stars


~ by ricardosevere on 09/27/2011.

3 Responses to “Funk Began In Africa”

  1. […] this one too rather than Faze 1′s much lesser version if I hadn’t put the original in an earlier mix. I confess there’s a couple of anachronisms in there: I’ve heard all the classic James […]

  2. […] To The Drummer’s Beat would probably also be there if I hadn’t already put it in an earlier mix, as would The Bar-Kays’ Holy Ghost (in this mix). There were plenty of others to put in […]

  3. […] Hear The Drummer Get Wicked A side uses a nice sample of EW&F’s Moment of Truth (heard in this mix – thanks to Dr Monk for turning me on to that one). Coldcut’s brilliant Beats & Pieces […]

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