Rhymes To The Beat



  1. Contract On The World Love Jam – Public Enemy
  2. Paid In Full (Coldcut Seven Minutes of Madness Remix) – Eric B and Rakim
  3. Funky – Ultramagnetic MCs
  4. 33% God – The Beastie Boys
  5. Talk Like Sex – Kool G Rap
  6. Beats To The Rhyme (Instrumental) – Run DMC
  7. Just To Get A Rep – Gangstarr
  8. Follow Me Not (Ultimatum Remix) – Dream Warriors
  9. Any Way The Wind Blows – The UMCs
  10. Let the Music Play – DJ Duquan and The Wonderluv Dan
  11. Kick Out The James – Coldcut
  12. It’s My Thing – EPMD
  13. Jayou – Jurassic 5
  14. God Made Me Funky – Def Jef
  15. Clap Your Hands (the Mixbuster Mix) – LL Cool J
  16. TDS Scratch Reaction – TDS M.O.B.


~ by ricardosevere on 09/19/2011.

2 Responses to “Rhymes To The Beat”

  1. […] have warmed to them recently after reading the brilliant Beastie Boys Book – and of course 33% God is pure […]

  2. […] The mix starts with the intro to Peter Nero’s Motown cover album (the only decent thing on that LP). This blends into Keith Mansfield’s punchier reprise of his KPM classic Funky Fanfare. Then it’s one of my favorite club tunes, the Quincy Jones version of the theme from the original Cosby show, which has to have the funkiest whistling (Toots Thielman) of any record. Eric B and Rakim fans will recognize the next one for the break (and flute) from Paid In Full (heard here). […]

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