1. Adore – I:Cube
  2. Focus On Sight – Thievery Corporation
  3. Friends We’ll Be (Jazzanova Remix) – UFO
  4. Complete Life (Jazzanova Remix) – Liquid Lounge
  5. Carajillo (Jazzanova Remix) – Truby Trio
  6. Words Of Love (Jazzanova Remix)- Soul Bossa Trio
  7. Metti Una Sera A Cena (Jazzanova Remix) – Balanco
  8. Samba – Faze Action
  9. Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix) – Men From The Nile
  10. Atabaque – Jazzanova
  11. Caravelle – Jazzanova



~ by ricardosevere on 06/24/2011.

One Response to “Supranova”

  1. […] First is a mix of old and new, spanning about 25 years of house music, with a few other odds and ends thrown in. The oldest track is possibly the first house record I heard in a club (as the Chicago sound began to appear in between New York Hip Hop and DC Go Go back at the Mud Club) – Jack the Groove – a digital take on Cymande’s classic Bra break (heard in this mix). The Fresh and Low tracks are definitive deep house to my mind, possessing all the essential ingredients and lacking anything that would disqualify them (banging drums and everything else that makes most house music garbage not garage). The Kevin Yost track is also pretty damn close to the mark, whereas those from the Joey Negro stable (Akabu and Doug Biscuit) drift away from the genre. More distant still are Miyazawa’s Disorient track (Nu Jazz played at the wrong speed) and perhaps the best Jazzanova remix, What’s My Number (left off my earlier tribute to the German collective). […]

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