45 Kings



  1. The Impeachment Record – Steel Jake and Jeff
  2. Funky D.J. – Fried Chicken
  3. Jodine’s Walk – Earl Foster
  4. Ain’t Good Enough – Nu Sound Express Ltd
  5. Steppin’ Tall – Bill ‘Butterball’ Cane
  6. Hot Pants Breakdown – The Soul Toronadoes
  7. The Whip – Darnell Simpkins
  8. You Don’t Want To Do Nothing Do You – Johnny Scotton
  9. Hustling – The Hustlers
  10. Solid Funk – Flame and The Sons of Darkness
  11. Funk Power – Creative Funk
  12. Grease Wheels – Smoking Shades of Black
  13. Hold On I’m Coming – The Seven Souls
  14. Sneakin’ – The Vibrations
  15. Keep On Truckin’ – Backyard Heavies
  16. Twitchie Feet – Soul Machine
  17. Soul Feud – The Fame Gang
  18. Funk Bomb – Alfred Pee Wee Ellis
  19. Football – Mickey and The Soul Generation
  20. Moving World – Creative Funk
  21. The X-sorcist – The Devils
  22. Pick Up The Pieces One By One – A.A.B.B [Above Average Black Band]
  23. Revolution Rap – Cal Green
  24. Gatur Bait – The Gaturs



~ by ricardosevere on 06/18/2011.

3 Responses to “45 Kings”

  1. […] Patterson LP), which we’d hand out at weekends in various local bars and colleges. We played Funk 45s, Soul Jazz, a few ‘new’ tunes…and lots and lots of soundtracks. If the sound of […]

  2. […] these sorts of nights – when it’s a party crowd rather than punters there just for rare 45s/jazz, and the sound system usually leaves a bit to be desired – I always think 12″s […]

  3. […] old Ben, before the Scientist steals the intro from the satanic J.B.’s incarnation (heard here) to end the […]

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