Lesson 718



  1. 716 Lesson – Scott Down and DJ Cutler
  2. Caught Can We Get A Witness (Pre Black Steel Ballistic Felony Dub) – Public Enemy
  3. Pump Up the Volume – MARRS
  4. The Boca Breakdown – Boca 45
  5. High On Life – Chuck Jackson
  6. Beats and Pieces – Coldcut
  7. Flex With The Posse – Rythm Mode D
  8. No MC No Comment – DJ D-Zire
  9. Leave Home – Chemical Brothers
  10. American Mega-Mix – Herbie Hancock
  11. I Can’t Go For That – Hall and Oates
  12. Say No Go (Bonus Beats) – De La Soul
  13. Follow the Leader (Acapella) – Eric B and Rakim
  14. Doin’ Our Own Dang (Do It To The JB’s) – Jungle Brothers
  15. Watch Me Now – Ultramagnetic MCs
  16. On The Run – Jungle Brothers
  17. One To Grow On (Growin Like Weeds) – UMCs
  18. Pages And Pages – Caveman
  19. Warrior – MC Wildski
  20. The Chase – DJ Food



~ by ricardosevere on 05/06/2011.

2 Responses to “Lesson 718”

  1. […] many first heard Jungle Jazz (an instrumental take on the earlier Jungle Boogie) as a Coldcut and M.A.R.R.S. sample at the same time it was getting play on the rare groove […]

  2. […] (for anyone who didn’t know where Tim Simenon got the sample for Beat Dis or Chuck D for Caught, Can I get a Witness?), followed by the late father of Go-Go Chuck Brown’s Soul Searchers and a few classic […]

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