1. Knitting – The Gary Pacific Group
  2. Brother On the Run – Johnny Pate
  3. Shifting Gears- Lalo Schiffrin
  4. Simian Theme – Kai Winding
  5. Cruisin’ – The Wildare Express
  6. Let My People Go – Jack McDuff
  7. Musicawa Silt – The Daktaris
  8. The Man In The Glass – James Brown with The Louis Bellson Orchestra
  9. Step Out – 1619 B.A.B
  10. The Ghetto – Jon Lucien
  11. La Di Da La Di Day – Fred Wesley and the JBs
  12. Joe Tex – Buddy Miles
  13. Hang ‘Em Up – Freddie Hubbard
  14. Freedom Jazz Dance – Both Worlds
  15. Wiec – Ergo Band
  16. Reflexiones – Nil’s Jazz Ensemble
  17. Unknown GLR w/l
  18. Retro (remix) – EZ Rollers


~ by ricardosevere on 01/04/2011.

One Response to “Tombstones”

  1. […] sax that reminds me of Eddie Harris (the even better Guardians of Dalliance remix is featured in this mix). Adam F, son of Gary Numan, adds the intro from the Bob James classic Westchester Lady, Wax Doctor […]

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